SchoolSitesOnLine VLE - A Virtual Learning Environment for Primary Schools

A VLE is a very powerful tool to support pupils and teachers in sharing and communicating. It can greatly enhance teaching and learning in a school.  However, setting up and running a system can seem very complicated.  Most Primary Schools want a system that just works.  The VLE from SchoolSitesOnline does just that.  The system is set up and customised to suit your school and teachers and pupils can immediately start using the system.


Friendly for Pupils
Our VLE provides a friendly experience for all pupils whatever their age and skills. At its simplest, pupils can start by just giving simple answers or comments in reply to teachers' questions. They can move on to writing their own entries with pictures for everyone to see and can develop further to creating their own mini-websites to support their projects.
Friendly for Teachers
Teachers don't need to feel that they have to learn a complete system before they can use the VLE in the classroom. Like pupils, they can start by posting simple comments and questions for the class. As they gain experience they can tailor the way they use the VLE to suit the pupils and the topics being studied.

Friendly for Start-up
The VLE comes with a complete set-up service. We will discuss the needs for the school for both the internal and external parts of the system. We will create the templates and initial structure for the site and will even upload initial information, pupil lists etc supplied by the school. This means that teachers do not need to worry about the details of configuring the system and can concentrate on using the system for improving teaching and learning.

Friendly for Service
The friendly service does not end once the system has been set up. We continue to provide help and advice. Ongoing support is only an email or phone call away. You can even send a message directly from the VLE to ask for help or advice.
Friendly for training
The friendly set-up service includes friendly training for the staff. We will arrange a training session for all staff at the school targeted to meet the specific needs of the school. It means that all staff, even those who may not feel a bit unsure about ICT, will be able to use the system with confidence.

There is also a help system built into the platform which will help to answer most questions or to remind you how things are done.
Friendly for Everyone
The VLE provides a top quality public website as well as private facilities for teacher and pupils. The public pages can be edited easily by staff and have special features to make it easy to keep diary, news and information pages up to date.

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'SchoolSitesOnLine' was developed by Worknet Solutions Ltd. It is based on QwicsitePro, a system developed for small businesses. Worknet Solutions has developed other education sector applications including Governorsonline, a system to support the management of School Governing Bodies. Read more about us.