A Virtual Learning Environment needs to be tailored to suit the school but this can be a heavy overhead for teachers who are already very busy. The package provided by Worknet Solutions includes full support for setting up the system.  We will discuss the requirements with the school so that the system is set up for  teachers and pupils to start using the system immediately.

The cost of the system is covered by three parts.

1.      Set up and onsite support

There is an initial set up cost of £450.  This covers :-

  • the design of a template for the public website and internal pages
  • uploading initial information from an existing website or other documents provided by the school
  • setting up initial groups and support in uploading user details from SIMS etc
  • Training visits* including:-
    • training and support of administrator
    • training session for all staff who will use the system

The objective of the set up support is to ensure that the school has a system that suits its requirements in as easy a way possible.

* costs for travel may be charged outside of the Mid-Suffolk area.

Additional support visits can be purchased as required including introductions for parents and/or governors or support with initial classroom lessons to ensure a smooth introduction.  Sessions cost around £100 plus travel depending on requirements.  We are also able to offer further design and development services such as design of page template to meet additional requirements or the provision of further functionality not available in the standard system.

2.      Annual Hosting Fee
There is a fixed cost per school to cover fixed costs of hosting and supporting the system. This is £250 per annum.

3.      Annual Usage Fee
There is also an annual fee based on the number of users.  To simplify calculations, this is based on the number of classes in the school.  The fee is £75 per class per annum.

The annual fees cover full hosting, back-up and technical support for the system.  Telephone and email support is included but school visits may be chargeable.

Contract period is 1 year.  No refunds available for early termination.


Public Website only

We are also able to offer a version of the system which only provides the public website and does not include the pupil and staff features.  This is ideal for a school that already has a VLE but needs a more flexible public site.

The costs are £250 for initial set up and £100 for hosting and technical support.  Support for uploading information can also be arranged for an additional fee.

All prices exclude VAT at the current rate