Website Requirements

New Requirements for School Websites

The Government has introduced new legislation which is intended to reduce bureaucracy by removing the requirement for schools to publish an annual printed prospectus.  However, it is still important for parents to have access to good quality information so they can make informed choices and to make schools accountable.  To achieve this, there is now a requirement for much of the information that was required in the School prospectus to be made available online.

The amendment to the School Information Regulations which comes into effect from 1st September details the information that must be provided on the school website.  It must also be made available in printed form on request although a printed version of the appropriate web pages is considered sufficient.

The following information must be provided

·  Contact details for the school

·  Admission arrangements or where they may be found

·  Link to Ofsted Report

·  Most recent key stage 2 and/or 4 results

·  Pupil Premium allocation, use and impact on attainment

·  Link to school performance tables on

·  School curriculum information for each year group by subject, including phonics/reading schemes and key stage 4 courses/qualifications as appropriate

·  Behaviour policy

·  SEN policy

·  Charging and remissions policy

·  School’s ethos and values


The legislation

DFE Guidance


The Governing Body is responsible for ensuring that the school making all of the required information available online.  

Does your website comply? 

If you would like some help or advice contact us directly on 01449 720580 or using the contact form here.

The Schoolsitesonline VLE provides an ideal public website that will enable you to meet these requirements. We would be very happy to visit your school to demonstrate the system and show you how it would benefit your school.  Contact us for an appointment.